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DRAG TIP: (From Raven) The tools I use to cover my brows and sideburns. Step 1: rubbing alcohol applied with a cotton ball on the surface to remove oils. Step 2: back comb the glue into the brow in a small circular motion. Step 3: use a brow comb to straighten and comb hairs up. Step 3: use the rounded, bottom side of the spoon to smooth the hairs down in the same direction you combed the hair. Let it set. After it dries apply more glue in the same direction you combed and smooth with CLEAN spoon. Repeat that twice. Clean the surrounding area with rubbing alcohol. After the fourth application of glue, press translucent powder on top with a powder puff. Now, apply foundation by stippling with a sponge and powder. I usually do that twice. Once you have finished…you have the freedom of any brow you choose!!! :)

I bring this up when I do my panels, but drag queens have fabulous advice that can be used for cosplay!

This technique can be used for many characters, such as the cherubs or anyone who has a strange eyebrow shape!

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